Skilled Care


Skilled Care at Pender Community Hospital

Sometimes, patients need extra care after having surgery or dealing with a long-term medical condition, which is exactly what skilled care provides.  

When is Skilled Care Needed?
Anytime a patient needs additional acute care after a major surgery or unexpected hospitalization when he or she is being discharged from a hospital, but isn’t quite ready to go home—or to an independent living situation—to be on their own. 

Types of Skilled Care Available at PCHD
At PCHD, we have a two service options available when it comes to the skilled care that we can provide to our patients. 

Our skilled care offerings include: 

Pender Community Hospital Swing Bed Program

A hospital swing bed program allows patients to receive skilled care services at a hospital once acute hospital care is no longer required, but the patient still needs services that cannot be easily given in the patient’s home.

With this type of program, skilled nursing is used to provide non-acute care and can include treatments such as IV antibiotic treatments, IV nutrition, tube feedings, and IV administration of medications to manage pain and related symptoms as well as sterile or complex dressing change. Skilled nursing care compliments rehabilitation services and can be beneficial after major surgery or illness to restore abilities.

Legacy Garden Rehabilitation & Living Center Skilled Nursing Home Care

At Legacy Garden, patients receive skilled nursing home care, which is care or treatment that can only be performed by licensed nurses. 

Skilled nursing home care is similar to regular nursing home care. However, it offers more skilled medical expertise, treatments, and services to help patients recover and rehabilitate while in a more comfortable home-like environment which includes social activities. Typically, patients will rehabilitate in this type of care setting after a stroke, major surgery, or experiencing an injury. 

  • If you have any questions about the skilled care that’s available, please call 402-385-4016.