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Legacy Garden Testimonials

Laverne Gustafson family

My family and I want to say thank you to you and the wonderful staff at Legacy Garden Nursing Home.
Our mother, Laverne Gustafson, is one very happy, content resident there! This was so evident to us when after a recent surgery at the Pender Hospital, she was, after 5 days welcomed back to her room at Legacy by loving, smiling, cheerful staff. She told us it was "good to be home!"
We (my 2 brothers & sister) visit mom regularly, unannounced and always find her to be well taken care of and always being encouraged to take part in the many activities that are provided whether is a birthday celebration, a bingo party, a sing-a-long, or even a beach party. Burdette, Delwin and all of the staff seem to take extra steps at including everyone, making each person feel appreciated, special and recognized.
My mom has required extra care at times and at 91+ it is comforting to know that she is treated with love, dignity and respect. The nurses, the administrators, the cleaning staff, the laundry staff and especially the cooks, & many volunteers who help with church services…. each and every one of them help make our mom feel like she is "at home."
Please know that we are grateful for her good care and we appreciate the open communication you have always shown our family. What at additional plus it is to have her so physically near the clinic and hospital.

Thank you,
Barbara (Gustafson) Ollenburg
One of the Gustafson kids
(Laverne Gustafson is the grandmother of Dr. Matt Timm)

Lila Johnson and her family

Dear Legacy Garden Friends,
Throughout my life, whether at work, church or with my family I've always found it important to show gratitude to those who go above and beyond. Not only does the staff at Legacy Garden work diligently and expertly, but you do it with kindness and respect. I know it and my family does too.
So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU ALL for the job you do, not just for me, but for all of us at Legacy Garden. Blessings to you and your family !

Lyle Abendroth family

Legacy Garden has nothing short of an outstanding staff and care providers. During the time that Curtis Weborg and Lyle Abendroth were residents our family felt welcomed each and every time we were in the care center and there were never any reservations when the family needed something.
The staff always committed on Curtis' sense of humor and he always felt like he received great care and attention. During his last days with us the family was there nonstop. The nurses and staff were always going out of their way to make sure we were comfortable and had everything we needed. We are forever grateful for their exceptional care and service.
Although Lyle's stay was short our family still spent a significant amount of time at the care center. We felt very welcomed by all of the staff and our long nights were never a concern or annoyance to them.
We are extremely blessed to have had the great care and service of all staff members at Legacy Garden and continue to feel welcomed each time we are there.

Kent & Colleen Weborg

Our parents moved into Legacy Gardens on the same day in December 2010.
They were allowed to use two adjoining rooms and make one room into a living
area, the other room was used for their bedroom. This was very convenient for
my parents as well as the family. Dad passed away two years later and Mom
remains at Legacy Gardens.
The staff has always been very helpful and courteous in every way to make their
stay as comfortable as possible. The staff was very comforting to our family especially when our Dad
passed away.
We are very blessed to have a facility and staff like Legacy Gardens in our community.

Craig & Darlene Weborg & family

It is never easy for a family to take their loved ones out of their home, and into any care center, but Legacy Gardens made that transition for our family so much easier. They let us get two private rooms, so that one could be Curtis and Janice's bedroom and the other into a living/dining area. They let us bring in a little dorm refrigerator so that Curtis and Janice could offer their guest drinks and snacks and for Curtis to keep his fresh blueberries. They used their kitchen table to play cards with friends and games with their grandkids. Curtis loved to play dominoes with his great grandchildren. Janice loved to play cards with her sister Marilyn and brother-in-law Harold.
Legacy Garden let us come into the back door, at our leisure, because Curtis and Janice's rooms were right next to it. That made it easier to could come and go and take them out to a closer spot to help load them in our vehicles, as well.
Every employee of the Legacy Garden treated and treat our parents with love and respect and especially laughter. The laughter really helped all of us get through the difficulty of our parents' decline in health and mental capacity. The loss of Dad, (Curtis) was so difficult for our entire family because he was such a fun and loving mentor. But the staff and Hospice representatives helped us through that difficult time by kind words, coffee, treats, and love. Each staff member came in and said their own goodbyes, as well, which really helped and assured us that Curtis was loved and taken care of. Janice, (Mom) is kept close to the nurses station currently. We love to pop in; and she is right there, being talked to, from whoever is at the nurse's station or others visiting their love ones. We giggle and laugh with her and whoever else is close by, sharing our daily life stories with Janice and the nurses and they share their cute stories about her too! It means so very much to us, that they have and had great care, at a facility very close to all of us! Craig and I and our children and grandchildren all can visit her because we all live so close by! Thank you for your awesome employees and loving care you have shared with our family.

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