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The Vision of the PCH District is to be the
Best Place to Get Care and the Best Place to Give Care.

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About us:

Little Sprouts Child Development Center is a licensed, high-quality center that provides care and education for children six weeks to 12 years. Little Sprouts provides before and after school care for school age children and will have a full summer program featuring various camps, field trips, and other outings, just to name a few. We look forward to providing a wholesome well-rounded program that your child will be fully engaged in.


The primary goal of Little Sprouts Child Development Center is to foster social and emotional development in young children. By creating strong, positive and secure relationship with the adults and children within the program, our program will provide a safe and predicable environment. Little Sprouts will have a daily emphasis on self-concept, self-control, cooperation, social relationships and knowledge of families/communities by participating in routines and activities that foster independence, positive self-esteem and social skills.

Mission Statement:

The Mission of Little Sprouts Child Development Center is to provide high quality care in the community through: safe and secure environment, strengthening families, play based approach, accessible care, and developmentally appropriate practice.
The Vision of Little Sprouts Child Development Center is to strengthen families, involve communities to make sure our children are safe, engaged and happy. We want our children look back at their experience and see that their time with us was a cherished part of their childhood.

Hours of Operation:

Hours of operation are Monday-Friday 5:30 am-5:30 pm.


Little Sprouts Child Development Center uses the Creative Curriculum. As part of this curriculum, we gather information about each child's developmental abilities and evaluate progress so we can modify and adjust what we are doing in our classroom so that we deliver the best individualized instruction for each child. This evaluation is communicated to families periodically during the school year using various formal and informal tools, forms and resources.


The Teaching Strategies GOLD is the assessment tool used by the programs to evaluate and track each child's individual development during their time at Little Sprouts Child Development Center. It is an on-going assessment system, meaning that teachers are continually watching, observing, and documenting each child's development. The same tool is used from birth through school age, to allow a more complete picture of each child's development. By tracking a child's development, our teachers can plan activities that are appropriate for each child's developmental abilities.

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We look forward to building a great relationship with you and your family

Welcome Letter
Pre-Enrollment Records Form

Please review our Welcome Letter then complete the Pre-Enrollment form for each child planning to attend Little Sprouts. Return the completed forms in person or via mail to Andrea Wortman, Little Sprouts CDC Director.

Andrea Wortman
Little Sprouts Child Development Center
614 Main Street, Suite 5
Pender, NE 68047

Phone: 402-385-6248
Fax: 402-385-6239