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The Vision of the PCH District is to be the
Best Place to Get Care and the Best Place to Give Care.

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Levels of Care

Observation or 24-Hour Outpatient

This level of care allows the physician and nursing staff time to observe the patient and assess the severity of the illness, If, after this observation time, it is determined that the patient will need intense medical management, the patient will be admitted to acute care. Most insurance companies have a 23 hour and 59 minute limit on observation outpatient care. In some cases patients may remain in observation for over 24 hours if necessary.

Acute Care

This is the level of care that most patients are familiar with. Acute care offers constant availability to medical supervision by the attending physician or medical staff. This level of care also offers diagnostic or therapeutic services and equipment, which are ordinarily immediately available only in a hospital setting.

Skilled Care or Swing Bed

This refers to the continuous care provided in a skilled setting. The facility must be a provider of care as an extension of the hospital. The overall goal of this type of care is to provide an alternative to hospital care to patients who require constant availability of physicians and ancillary services. The patient must meet certain severity of illness criteria to qualify for this level of care. A three-day stay in acute care setting is required prior to utilizing skilled care. Medicare patients are eligible for 100 skilled days per spell of illness, if other requirements for this level of care are met.

All of the above levels of care are available throughout the hospital facility. Transfer of a patient from one level of care to another can usually be accomplished without disturbing the patient by physically moving them. Once the appropriate paperwork is finished, the transfer is completed.