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Pender Community Health Care Foundation

Board Minutes

September 24th, 2018

This meeting of the Board of Directors for Pender Community Health Care Foundation was convened in open and public session on Monday, September 24, 2018 in the Board Room at Pender Community Hospital. Board members present included Al Maul, Syd Kruse, Bruce Wichman, Keith Moeller, Bill Bachman, Lynette Roth and Pam Petersen. Also present were Melissa Kelly, CEO, Pender Community Hospital; Jason Huntington, Marketing, Pender Community Hospital; Holly Kinning, Accounts Payable, Pender Community Hospital and Kelly Kaup, Administrative Assistant, Pender Community Hospital recording minutes. Kurt Moural, Dohman, Akerlund & Eddy, LLC, joined the meeting in progress.

Notice of the meeting was given 10 days in advance of said meeting, according to law. All proceedings of the Board of Directors were recorded while convened meeting was open to the public. Chairperson Maul called the meeting of the Board to order at 5:05 pm. He announced that the Open Meetings Act would be followed during this meeting and was posted by the door for anyone wishing to review it.

The minutes from the August 6, 2018 meeting were reviewed. Roth made a motion to approve the minutes as presented. Kruse seconded. Roll call: Maul-aye, Kruse-aye, Wichman-aye, Petersen-aye, Moeller-aye, Bachman-aye and Roth-aye. Motion carried.

The audit report is next on the agenda but is being moved to the end of the meeting with no opposition from anyone present at the meeting. Additionally, Jason Huntington was moved up in the agenda with no opposition from anyone present at the meeting.

Jason Huntington thanked the board for allowing him to give an update on the fundraising event he and Katie Gutzmann from the Pender Community Center are working on. This spring the board gave their approval to move forward with a Husker Tailgate Fundraiser. This has turned into a joint effort between the Foundation and the Community Center. The event will be held on November 3rd at the Community Center. This is the Husker vs Ohio State game. They will be serving hot dogs, hamburgers and BBQ chicken thighs. In lieu of selling alcohol, there will be a $25 cooler fee. Soda will be sold onsite. Entry fee will be $5.00 for adults and kids will be free. There will be a 'Kids Zone' that will have an entry fee of $10.00 per child. They are working on putting together games and fun activities during the game for all to participate in.

We currently have approximately 4,500 sq. ft. of usable space available for sale in the old clinic building at this time. This will not be limited to healthcare businesses. We also continue to work on bringing dialysis to Pender, and Kelly gave the update on this.

The interior of the new medical clinic is close to complete. Tentative dates are being looked at for moving. Maintenance is working on hooking up sprinkler and other outside punch list items. Work on widening the driveway will begin soon. The architect has denied accepting the roof as it is currently installed, this will be a full replacement, which will not be our expense. The next check point will be October 15th.

There were three board members whose terms were up this spring. Al Maul, Keith Moeller and Syd Kruse all agreed to another term on the board. Formal approval is needed. Wichman made a motion to accept Maul, Moeller & Kruse on the board for another term. Bachman seconded. Roll call: Roth-aye, Kruse-aye, Wichman-aye, Maul-aye, Moeller-aye and Bachman-aye. Motion carried. Petersen was not present for this vote as she excused herself early from the meeting.

Next on the agenda was election of officers. Current officers are: Al Maul, Chair; Sydney Kruse, Vice-chair; and Bruce Wichman, Secretary/Treasurer. If there are no board members that would like to run for any of these positions, all three of the current officers would be willing to stay in these positions for another year. Bachman made a motion to maintain the current officers for an additional year. Moeller seconded. Roll call: Roth-aye, Kruse-aye, Wichman-aye, Maul-aye, Moeller-aye and Bachman-aye. Motion carried.

The dirt work is beginning on the Emerson clinic. We have received word that we do not have a surcharge period so this will speed up the process somewhat. Completion of the new clinic is currently set for 12-14 months.

Kurt Moural with Dohman, Akerlund & Eddy LLC then presented the board with the audit report. He noted that we have received a clean audit opinion. The receivable from the Hospital fell $710,000.00, primarily due to payments made to the Foundation for the Hospital's capital lease. Assets whose use is limited or restricted fell by nearly $2.5 million as funds borrowed in the previous year were used to pay current year construction cost of the new Pender clinic building. Current year depreciation expense of $43,000.00 offset by capital additions of $1.9 million (including work in progress), caused net capital assets to rise. Debt outstanding fell $693,000.00 as no new debt was issued and $704,000.00 of principal payments were made during 2018. Net assets decreased by $40,000.00, comprised of the excess of expenses over revenues of $42,000.00 plus capital contributions of $2,000.00. Rental income remained stable from 2017 to 2018. Related expenses also remained relatively similar. Contributions to Legacy Garden were $14,000.00 - no contributions were made during 2017. Contributions to Pender Community Hospital were nearly $130,000.00 (primarily Emerson lots) in 2018 versus $1,600.00 in 2017. Interest expense rose $20,000.00 due to a full year of interest after the issuance of the Series 2016 bonds. Noncapital grants and contributions decreased by nearly $42,000.00. Prior year amounts included the in-kind donation of the Emerson Senior Center. There were no questions by the board. Wichman made a motion to approve the audit report as submitted by Moural. Roth seconded. Roll call: Maul-aye, Kruse-aye, Wichman-aye, Larson-aye, Moeller-aye, Bachman-aye, Roth-aye and Minert-aye. Motion carried.

With nothing else to be discussed, Bachman made a motion to adjourn. Moeller seconded. Roll call: Maul-aye, Kruse-aye, Wichman-aye, Larson-aye, Moeller-aye, Bachman-aye, Roth-aye and Minert-aye. Motion carried. Motion carried and the meeting was adjourned at 6:20 pm.